Logiko Group + NL Web Holdings >>> Advertising. Marketing. Development. Monetization.
Our team is made up of internet marketing professionals, SEO experts and domain industry insiders. Each and every one of our staff members has extensive knowledge when it comes to understanding domains, advanced search engine optimization and everything there is to know about web development. We combine technical expertise and marketing smarts to help our clients maximize profits on all ends. We offer the most comprehensive and advanced domain mass development and search engine optimization solutions available today.

We are metrics driven marketing specialists obsessive about domains and everything that has to do with them. We like to think of ourselves as quite unique and diverse when compared to traditional domain parking companies or various other web development service providers. We understand the web development + marketing businesses inside out. We have been involved with mass development and SEO of domain names heavily since 2002 and have launched 10,000’s of successful websites, blogs and e-commerce shops often achieving 1000% revenue growth within weeks after launch.


Combined team experience of over 50 years >>> Leadership. Results. Accountability.
With years of experience in the internet marketing and domain industries, we have a confirmed track record of success for all of our clients. We have the technology, industry knowledge and strategic outlook essential for success. Our staff includes a mix of some of the domain industry's brightest people and internet marketing heavyweights. Professionals who have hands on experience in dealing with direct navigation and direct marketing through this channel as well as developers who understand how to build something from the ground up and actually make it work.

Our talent pool is deep and the range of our services wide enough to meet almost any business challenge that comes our way. We are positioned and committed to getting our clients the results they deserve. We are passionate about our work and it doesn't matter if you only have 1 domain or a bigger portfolio of 100 domains or even 1,000’s of domains... We can provide a custom and cost-effective solution to increase your traffic and earnings all across. Guaranteed!


Dynamic solutions + dedicated staff >>> Money... Big money. A lot more money. Period.
We are in constant assessment mode and take action right away if performance is not up to par. All of our internal processes are custom developed and deployed in-house. Our strategies and techniques are tested time after time over and over again for maximum effectiveness and then specially selected and systematically implemented precisely to create maximum revenue opportunities en masse for each client accordingly. At DomainMassDevelopment.com we are always looking out for clients best interests. Monitoring trends closely, tracking visitor activity and analyzing data 24/7/365.

We often develop close and personal relationships with clients and we consider many to be our good friends. We strive for excellence in everything we do and are determined to develop better ways to monetize keyword domain names and create organic traffic growth long term thanks to our exclusive domain mass development and optimization processes for generic domains. We never stand pat on our services or technologies. We understand that the domain industry is driven by innovation and we are always looking to bring intelligent new ideas to the evolving market.